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Do you sell individualized products with a photo or logo? Do you provide printed stuff or do you need other files from your customers? Then vUpload is just right for you. So customers have on the product side the possibility to upload files directly to and add to shopping cart - without registration.


How does it work?


Just check out our DEMO-Page. You can upload files with a click and get an instant preview display (for images and PDFs). Very simple and intuitive.




  • Direct integration on the product side (no registration needed)
  • Multiple vUpload-Fields per product
  • Upload up to 100 MB per file
  • Hosting and traffic included
  • 5GB (5000MB) Cloud-Storage
  • On-The-Fly image previews and PDF prviews
  • Optional data validation
    • File size (maximum)
    • File types
    • Image types
    • Image size (minimum / maximum)
    • Image color space (RGB / CMYK)
  • Up to 10 different vUpload-configurations (use with unlimited products)
  • Overall secure data transfer with SSL
  • All modern browsers and Internet Explorer (version 10 and up) are supported
  • Responsive - Mobile Device Support
  • Design customizable (CSS)
  • Expandable (call us!)




  • SEOshop template with unchanged variables for additional fields
  • jQuery (min. version 1.7)

Usually all SEOshop templates meet these criteria and could possibly also be easily customized.




Integration into your SEOshop is easy. After you have installed the app, you need a product only an additional special field (text field) Add and name it with any name - eg "Upload". This name will then be entered into your vUpload configuration as an identifier. Done.

vUpload now will replace any standard text box with this identifier in your shop through a vUpload field. You can configure up to 10 different vUpload fields with individual settings and as often as you use in your shop.


Orders with file uploads


After placing an order with file uploads has been received, you will receive an email with the corresponding download links. In addition, these downloads are also available in SEOshop BackOffice directly in your order.

Die Dateien stehen 10 Tage nach der Bestellung zum Download zur Verfügung. Anschließend werden diese automatisch wieder gelöscht.

The files are available 10 days after the order available for download. These are then automatically deleted.




For your uploads will be a total of 1GB of cloud storage to disposal. This is usually because uploaded files are deleted no later than 10 days far more than necessary. If the memory really even be full, you will receive timely e-mail with an appropriate warning. Your current memory usage is displayed backoffice in vUpload.

If the storage limit is actually reached, the upload field is activated in your store temporarily with a corresponding note. But do not worry - usually should be quite sufficient memory.

Need more storage? Call us - we find a solution.


Do you have questions, you need an extension or help with integration?


Feel free to write us or call us. We will be glad to help you.

[email protected] | | T: +49 9231 972578 |

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